Friday, July 23, 2010

Knock knock...who's there?

Hi all,
Welcome to a new weekend and hope you have some creative time planned :)
We had a team training night last night and completed a gorgeous double page layout using the Funky Blooms range. Very nice!

During the week I set myself a new goal seeing as my TIP period is almost up. As of the end of July I plan to have at least one demo or workshop booked in a week which is a decent goal for a newbie like me. My diary is looking pretty good for August so far with 4 demos and 2 workshops already booked in.

I really want to get the Kaszazz word out though as there are so many people who have never seen the awesome Kaszazz catalogue or who have never been to a demonstration. So far, all of my crafty friends that have either hosted or attended demos have said it wasn't what they expected and absolutely LOVE the products. Some of these ladies have been scrapbooking or card making for many years, one who owns her own scrapbooking shop and another who owns her own scrapbooking business and others who are right up there in the wonderful world of scrapping on different Design Teams or involved in the papercraft industry in some way or another. We're not talking about beginners here by any means so when they were impressed with Kaszazz products and some cool techniques demonstrated I just knew I was on to a good thing!

Unfortunately for me though, most of my lovely crafty friends live some way away from me. So how could I ensure that my diary will still have a booking each week after August? This is where I got pro-active! To get the word out to people I don't know I decided to book the community room at my local library and hold a FREE Make and Take demonstration there. It has everything I need and I'm not inviting people I don't know into my home. I grabbed some Kaszazz invitations and set off on my merry way around my neighbourhood inviting people to come. The response so far has been fabulous! I took names and numbers of those interested so I can give them a quick ring a couple of days before the Make and Take just to remind them and also confirm their attendance for catering as I'll be supplying coffee, tea and bikkies on the morning. Grabbing their numbers is also a great lead for a possible future demo or workshop with them if they can't make it to mine as they are obviously interested in the first place.
**One thing I do stress here though is NEVER enter houses on your own. Although being pro-active and getting out there in your neighbourhood is a great way to meet people, you should always use a little common sense.**

Door knocking gave me the opportunity to meet some lovely people I otherwise would never have met and we have lived here for 11 years! Little did I know before last week that while I was sitting in my craft space scrapping away there was a lady in the street behind me, another in the street at the top of mine and another in the street just behind doing exactly the same thing! And here I am saying I have no crafty friends that live nearby!!

So take some initiative, get out there and start knocking on doors. You just never know which one might open for you.
Shaz xx

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