Friday, July 23, 2010

Knock knock...who's there?

Hi all,
Welcome to a new weekend and hope you have some creative time planned :)
We had a team training night last night and completed a gorgeous double page layout using the Funky Blooms range. Very nice!

During the week I set myself a new goal seeing as my TIP period is almost up. As of the end of July I plan to have at least one demo or workshop booked in a week which is a decent goal for a newbie like me. My diary is looking pretty good for August so far with 4 demos and 2 workshops already booked in.

I really want to get the Kaszazz word out though as there are so many people who have never seen the awesome Kaszazz catalogue or who have never been to a demonstration. So far, all of my crafty friends that have either hosted or attended demos have said it wasn't what they expected and absolutely LOVE the products. Some of these ladies have been scrapbooking or card making for many years, one who owns her own scrapbooking shop and another who owns her own scrapbooking business and others who are right up there in the wonderful world of scrapping on different Design Teams or involved in the papercraft industry in some way or another. We're not talking about beginners here by any means so when they were impressed with Kaszazz products and some cool techniques demonstrated I just knew I was on to a good thing!

Unfortunately for me though, most of my lovely crafty friends live some way away from me. So how could I ensure that my diary will still have a booking each week after August? This is where I got pro-active! To get the word out to people I don't know I decided to book the community room at my local library and hold a FREE Make and Take demonstration there. It has everything I need and I'm not inviting people I don't know into my home. I grabbed some Kaszazz invitations and set off on my merry way around my neighbourhood inviting people to come. The response so far has been fabulous! I took names and numbers of those interested so I can give them a quick ring a couple of days before the Make and Take just to remind them and also confirm their attendance for catering as I'll be supplying coffee, tea and bikkies on the morning. Grabbing their numbers is also a great lead for a possible future demo or workshop with them if they can't make it to mine as they are obviously interested in the first place.
**One thing I do stress here though is NEVER enter houses on your own. Although being pro-active and getting out there in your neighbourhood is a great way to meet people, you should always use a little common sense.**

Door knocking gave me the opportunity to meet some lovely people I otherwise would never have met and we have lived here for 11 years! Little did I know before last week that while I was sitting in my craft space scrapping away there was a lady in the street behind me, another in the street at the top of mine and another in the street just behind doing exactly the same thing! And here I am saying I have no crafty friends that live nearby!!

So take some initiative, get out there and start knocking on doors. You just never know which one might open for you.
Shaz xx

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Handy hint for new consultants

Well time has flown by and I'm now almost at the end of my TIP (Training Incentive Program) period.
Kaszazz gives you 8 weeks from your sign up date to achieve TIPS which are fabulous goals for new consultants to set themselves and get their business up and running.
I am proud to say that in just 3 Make and Take demonstrations I made my TIP 1!! How exciting!!
I have sold, in just 4 Make and Take demonstrations held over 6 weeks, just under $2000- worth of AWESOME Kaszazz products! Kaszazz makes it so easy to achieve your goals as they are VERY generous to both the host AND the customers which makes my job so much easier and the products undoubtedly speak for themselves. I'm having an absolute ball with this company!

I hope to share with you some projects that I've made soon but for now here's a tip for new consultants. When you receive your start-up kit and book your very first Make and Take or workshop, it's always nice to give your Host a little something to say thank you.

So grab 10 tags from your kit and your 4034KD frangipani stamp plus your choice of colour from the ColorBox fluid chalk inks. Ink up the frangipani and stamp 3 times on the bottom right hand side of the tag without re-inking using the fade out technique.

Choose a contrasting colour from the fluid chalk set and stamp the JUST A LITTLE NOTE from the 006KK Mini Messages - Uncut set just above the Frangipant stamp.
Using the first colour of your choice ink around the edges of the tag.
Tie some pretty organza ribbon around the set and you now have a lovely host gift. :)

I have since out my first order in and ordered some Kaszazz pens. I am now using the same set with a pen as a small gift for anyone that books a Make and Take or workshop from another demonstration.

I hope you can use this tip with your customers.

P.S There are a couple of days left to join Kaszazz with the extra $125- RRP NEW PRODUCT left so if you're thinking about coming on board with me now is the time and you know I'd love to have you as part of my team. :)
The best thing is it doesn't matter where you live in Australia!!
Email me at for more information.

Chat soon,

Monday, July 5, 2010

My first Make and Take

Hi everyone,
Well the Retreat was EXACTLY what I needed to pump up the mojo and now I'm fully refreshed and inspired and itching for my first order to arrive any minute now so I can play with some more fabulous Kaszazz products!

For now, I'd like to tell you about my very first Make and Take demonstration!
Kaszazz makes it so easy to walk right in and start talking about the products you are demonstrating as if you've been doing it for years thanks to the awesome consultant training program which you receive in your kit and have on hand at all times. Lucky for me, it was a lovely friend who hosted my first MnT so it was casual and relaxed.

I showed the Rollagraph stamping system to the girls and WOW! they absolutely LOVED it!! One of them had made it quite clear at the beginning that she wasn't 'a crafty person' but as I mentioned before, this Rollagraph is AWESOME and guess what? Now the very same lady IS a crafty person!!
It was just fabulous watching her make her gift set that everyone gets to make and take at a demonstration and just watch her eyes light up like she was a little girl with a new set of pencils. It just made my day!!
This is what the girls made with the Rollagraph. A lovely gift set with a birthday card and matching gift tag and wrapping paper:

Two of the girls there have been involved in scrapbooking for many years and were just so impressed with the Kaszazz catalogue and what they have to offer which made me very happy and more determined to get the Kaszazz name 'out there' so people can see for themselves.

It was a great first MnT and I booked another one from it so I'm really looking forward to that!

There are some AWESOME HOST FREEBIES available for July so why not book a FREE Make and Take demonstration for yourself? Kaszazz HOST FREEBIES are VERY easy to achieve and VERY generous!!

Also, if you're looking to make some extra cash Kaszazz still has the AWESOME new consultant deal going but be quick as July is the last month to take advantage of it. Along with your start up kit, Kaszazz are giving away an extra $125-RRP worth of NEW product!!

Contact me today at for more information.
Chat soon,
Shaz :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My kit arrives!

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all your well wishes on my new venture into the wonderful world of Kaszazz. Although it's only been a few short weeks since I've joined I've already been blown away not only by the company and the way they do things but also by the wonderful people I've met in such a short time!

As I mentioned previously I joined Kaszazz on the 28th of May which was a Friday and received my kit on the 1st of June, the following Tuesday. How's that for fast postage especially coming from SA!

As you can imagine I was like a little kid in a candy store ripping the box open to find what this company had in store for me. Wow! So much to play with!!
I immediately fell in love with the Rollagraph which is an AWESOME stamping system with so much potential the cogs of my brain were literally spinning with ideas before I'd even opened it. This toy...sorry I mean tool has become my new 'precious'.

Deeper in the box I found the most gorgeous fluid chalk inkpad from ColorBox you've ever seen. This inkpad is simply stunning and works like a dream, the colours are so bright and vivid and the best thing about these is you don't need to stomp them on your stamps for coverage, a little goes a very long way.

My love for chalking has been revamped with the beautiful Pebbles Inc. chalking set in my kit with the all the colours of the rainbow. Teamed with the Rollagraph stamping set, the chalks are just to die for.

Being one who just never seems to have enough albums I was really excited that my new kit had one in it. I personally love D-ring albums as I'm a bit of a lumpy bumpy scrapper and my pages fit in these so well and this Pebbles Inc. Share & Tell album has the lot! The 12 x 12 album also came with 6" x 4" photo pocket pages to store my precious photos in before I even get around to scrapping them. What a fabulous idea!
Even better the photo pocket pages come with journalling and title cards so you can record your memories even if you don't have much creative time. Love it!

There was so much stuff in my new kit that I could go on for days and days but as I'm off on a scrapbooking Retreat in a couple of hours, I best leave it here for now.Here's a photo of all the wonderful product you receive in your Kaszazz start-up kit so you can see for yourself.

Oh and something you really should see is this fabulous promotion Kaszazz has going at the moment for new consultants who want to join this wonderful company in the months of June and July. Over $125- RRP EXTRA of gorgeous Kaszazz products ON TOP OF the start up kit!

You simply can't go past that offer. So if you're thinking of joining Kaszazz now is the time to do it...and I'd LOVE to have you on my team.
Simply email me at for more details.

Well I'm off to get ready for a fun filled scrappy weekend. I hope you all have a good one.
Sharryn xx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shaz joins Kaszazz!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my new blog which will document everything about my new journey with the fabulous Kaszazz!
I will also share new products, promotions and of course all creations right here so you can all see for yourselves what a wonderful company Kaszazz really is!

I made the decision to join Kaszazz as I was lucky enough to see some of their products firsthand while working on the SBM team and was always very impressed. Not only do they have exclusive products they also sell a wide range of other products as well such as Ranger, Cutterpede, Colorbox, Vivid!, Ancient Page and Paper Shapers, just to name a few. Kaszazz also owns Lucys' Stamps now so they are exclusive only to Kaszazz. How exciting!

Also to be able to earn money while doing something I am absolutely PASSIONATE about, papercraft! Whether it be scrapbooking or card making, there is something here for everyone.

I'd love for you to check back regularly to see how I'm doing and drop in and say hi from time to time. Of course, if you'd like to book a workshop or FREE Make and Take demonstration you can email me at I'm available days, evenings and weekends in the Sydney Metro, Macarthur, Penrith and Wollongong areas.
Oh and do yourselves a favour...check out the AWESOME 3D Kaszazz catalogue online:

Check back soon.